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Bio-picinin„Active for over 10 years with street performances and visual performances, Beppe Tenenti developed his own original comic style. His performances are full of a light-hearted humor that often become bitter and biting. Without ever forgetting the quality of technical movements, they are based on a personal search of entertainment, the act and the experimental nonsense. Beppe does not try to please the public with entertainment stereotypes but always goes in search of the difficult and risky act on stage. A boundary between the provocation and the simple fun, BeppeTenenti does not obey any rules in the scene. As a clown he is in fact available to the challenge that seeks and accepts without knowing where it will arrive. His surreal performaces are cause for great concern for the public that is curious at first, and then conquered by the technical expertise of its action and the „nothing to understand“ that is inherent in the scene. „(S. Frasca)

He made his debut as a musician and after recording two albums with the band „SKK“ begins to perform as a street juggler with different performances.

Juggler and clown black, since 1996 owes its circus training thanks to his many travels abroad (Circus Space, Katakomben Berlin), stages and courses of disciplines and juggling clown (Leo Bassi, Sean Gandini, Peter Weyel, Rita Pelusio).
1997-2005 Streetshows and internships with the company Giocolieti and independently.
2000-2002 Teacher at the school of New Circus „Galante Garrone“ in Bologna.

In 2005 starts Compagnia Autonoma Tenenti and the show solo “ DuSoleil ! “ runs incessantly in Street Festivals and theaters of 18 nations worldwide.
In parallel creates performances with crystal balls „BY2“ with the acrobat and Claudia Bellasi „Octagone“ alone, for
Glasmuller and Swarowski.

2007 Interactive performance with Alejandro Jodorowsky during the Torino International Street Festival

In summer 2007, in addition to the Festival Italian (Turin, Merano, Sarnico etc) performs in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, he joined the Compagnia Palcomobile first experiment of Italian street circus.

In 2008-09 and ‚juggling actor in „CIRK“ show of contemporary circus Ted Keijser, which runs the most prestigious Italian theaters.

In the same year he created a performance for Andromeda Murano . for the presentation of the opera „Dynamei“ and participates in GranGalà ‚of Juggling at Imbersago, Rome and Ragusa with „Moonsun“ ,a comic performance in two acts.

2009-2011 Care the Artistic direction of „Cabaret Internazionale di giocoleria e Circo contemporaneo“ in Padova.

2012 Create the visual spectacle „Punto zero„.

2012 Compagnia Autonoma Tenenti won the national award „Marte Awards“ in the circus arts „for choosing to experiment with new forms of entertainment and new artistic languages“.

2013 „URQUINAONA“ manipulation and handstand performance with Silvia Martini. 2014 A plant of the Company of 15 years and ‚received at the Botanical Garden of Padua, the more‘ old world and Heritage of Humanity ‚UNESCO.

He collaborated with Circo ElGrito, Circo Paniko, MagdaClan.

He is currently offering his 2015 solo show „CRAZY ZOO!“ And works with „SIDE Kunst-cirque„collective. Also continues to hold workshops for contact jugglers.