Dusoleil-Head titolo

Dusoleil-ballsNouveau cirque? already gone !
Maybe during an audition,maybe during a dream Gnagno knows the great “Cirque du Soleil”.
He gets  flashed and shocked so he tries to move the borders of  nuovo circo…
The recipe is  easy: GEOMETRY is the keyword. Last of the dreamers, between reality and cartoon, Gnagno opens the door of his tender world made of smiles e nonsense, leading to the discovery of the Gnagno hidden in each one of us.

Humanity will be divided in two: who knows Gnagno and who doesn’t.

Rithmic and dinamic show,high  juggling technic (Crystal balls, up to 7 bouncing balls) combined with strongly phisical clown carachter makes this an innovative and unique show!Du-soleil-crystal
Beppe Tenenti still following the research over manipulation, re-designing the mime and the clown through the eyes of a juggler,and all in all trough the Gnagno’s naïve thought.